Here's Your First Look at the LG G4

By Gerald Lynch on at

A very legit-looking render of LG's G3 successor has appeared online. The LG G4 shot comes courtesy of Nowhereelse's Twitter feed @OnLeaks, and gives us a good look at what's alleged to be the rear of LG's next flagship smartphone.

Though clarifying that the leak is "non final", the OnLeaks account also shares the device's dimensions: 148.9x76.5x9.9mm, which would point towards a screen somewhere between 5.5 and 5.7 inches in size. The rear-mounted power button returns, while the LG G3's laser-guided camera focus system also looks present. It's tough to discern the material used in the casing, but it appears to be the same as the faux-metal used in the G3. It's possible that there's even a hint of a curve there too, just like the G Flex 2.

LG's G3 was a vast improvement over the G2, with a Quad HD screen that verged on being overkill. There's room for even more tweaks and fine tuning though, and LG seems ready to take on the competition. At MWC last month it was particularly bullish, attacking competitors at the show.

“There are a couple of models at this show that are 'safer' than what we will have done,” said Ken Hong, LG's Global Communications Director, at the show.

“You need to show innovation, not just say it. It's not enough anymore just to increase the pixel count of a camera, it's got to be more than just that."

Though not singling out any one company, Hong's comments seemed to reflect most of all the criticism levelled at HTC, whose HTC One M9 has been viewed as a mostly-minor upgrade over the M8. [@OnLeaks]