HTC Has a New Dot View Case That's Also a Games Console

By Gerald Lynch on at

It’s hard to get too excited about a phone case most of the time -- some have interesting secondary functions such as battery extenders or camera lens additions, but usually you’ll be lucky if you can find one that’s simply attractive and protective. To find one that’s fun is even more rare, but HTC’s new Dot View case is just that, as it doubles up as a simple games console.

Designed for use with the new HTC One M9 flagship from HTC, it is, for the most part, very similar to last year’s case for the One M8. With small dot matrix perforations across the front of the cover that allow light from the phone’s screen to seep in, the touch-sensitive case can display simple notifications, caller ID and information such as weather symbols. You can also swipe to receive or decline calls among other gestures.

The updated Dot View Case though also comes with a gaming application, HTC’s take on the brick-breaking classic Breakout. With the phone’s screen safely behind the folding front of the Dot View Case, you’re still able to use tilt-and-turn accelerometer controls to paddle and volley the colourful blocks into oblivion.

It’s of course very simple, but does open up the potential for more complex gaming experiences on the case further down the line. HTC is yet to open the case up to developers, but it’d be interesting to see what other ideas may come along later on. As for HTC One M8 Dot View case owners getting similar action, HTC isn’t ruling it out -- providing the One M8 gets the One M9’s latest Sense 7.0 software update (HTC traditionally updates its more recent flagship handsets with the newest software once it’s had a few months to breathe on the new gear), then it shouldn’t be a problem getting it to work with last year’s stuff.

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