Hungry Hungry Clarkson Finally Gets Fed as 'Top Gear' Presenter Immortalised as 3D Printed Toy

By Matt Hill on at

We like actually clever PR stunts at Giz UK and British plug-and-play 3D printer firm CEL has done an actually clever PR stunt. It's 3D-printed Jeremy Clarkson's rather sizeable head and fixed it to a Hungry, Hungry Hippos game – because his alleged Top Gear "fracas" was said to be caused by hunger, see? –  and then made the plans available on MyMiniFactory to download and 3D-print at home. Fiendish!

Topical news story, Top Gear, toy nostalgia, 3D printing, actionable engagement… I think CEL just went "Full Internet" there. If you can't read this, it's because something broke somewhere.

Anyway, while we imagine most kids won't be tugging their parents' jeans to let them strap Clarkson's head to their marble-guzzlers – indeed, it's more likely to be Giz UK readers, going on our last chat – it does give us a reason to talk about CEL's excellent £1,000 desktop Robox 3D printer, which was presumably the point.

A petition running to 15,000 people is currently trying to get Alan Partridge the gig as new presenter of Top Gear, ironic considering 'Hungry Hungry Clarkson' sounds like an idea the fictional character (yes, fictional people) would have barked brainlessly into his hands-free headset.

Although with the petition asking for Clarkson to be reinstated now close to a million backers, and with record international viewing figures since the furore, we know who our money's on.