Intel is Putting Anti-Virus Software Onto Smartwatches

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are quite a few advantages of having your devices connected, but as we already know security is turning out to be a serious problem. Any device that gets connected to a wider network needs to be protected, and Intel is starting by developing anti-virus software for smartwatches.

To kick things off, Intel is going to be bundling McAfee Security Suite with LG's recently announced Urbane LTE smartwatch. The company believes that because smartwatches collect a lot of personal data, people are going to want to secure them and make sure that data is kept safe.

There are bound to be people out there who think having anti-virus software scanning a smartwatch for malware is a ridiculous prospect, but if someone can access your home Wi-Fi network through your thermostat what's to stop them doing the same through your watch?

Some have said that it's the responsibility of the developers to make increase the security measures in smartwatch operating systems. They definitely should, but nothing is perfect and black hat hackers can be a devious bunch. I'm of the impression that it's better to be safe than sorry. [The Verge via The Next Web]