iPhone 6 Gets Wireless Charging Through Patriot Fuel iON Case

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's notoriously cautious when it comes to pushing newer technologies into its iPhone range. It's only just got NFC in a limited capacity, and there's still no sign of wireless charging reaching the line any time soon. If you want to (almost) cut the cord for your iPhone 6 charging needs, Patriots Fuel iON cases will offer just that, adding magnetic-cable free power-pushing to your iPhone 6.

Also available for the iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and Note 3, the chunky case plugs into your phone's regular charging port, and channels juice into it through a "robust magnetic power transfer pad that uses incredibly strong neodymium technology to secure and charge the phone."

Compared to QI inductive charging, Patriot claims magnetic charging offers a few key benefits, including superior charging speeds, the ability to charge a device placed on a mat at any angle, and the fact that the magnet itself holds the phone securely into place -- perfect for those looking to pick up one or Patriot's in-car dashboard mounts, of course.

It's a chunky case that adds a fair bit of heft to your slinky iPhone 6, but does offer shock and drop protection, should you be looking to defend your phone too. Patriot also offers a portable 2,100mAh battery pack that can be snapped onto the back magnetically for those moments when you can't find a wall socket for the base charging mat. [Carphone Warehouse]