It Looks Like the iPhone 7 Will Have the New MacBook Force Touch Feature

By Gerald Lynch on at

You know when your grandad prods his iPhone screen harder, expecting something different to happen? Well, guess what...something different could happen in the iPhone of the future. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed (and take "confirmed" with a healthy pinch of salt) that the next-gen iPhone will use the Force Touch controls that debuted in the Apple Watch and resurfaced in the New MacBook.

Force Touch allows pushes of different pressure to result in different actions being triggered on the Apple devices. A tap may result in a selection, while a hard press throws up a menu, for instance. With it already working on the sapphire crstyal of the Apple Watch, it wouldn't be too difficult for Apple to scale it up to iPhone proportions.

Elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal reports the next iPhone will also be available in pink. With butt ugly gold MacBooks now in existence, I wouldn't put this past Apple either. Sadly. [WSJ]