It's World Book Day, So What's Your Favourite Book Ever?

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's World Book Day, celebrating the greatest gadget of all time, the humble book. World-building, knowledge-sharing wonder devices, there are few things better than settling down with a good book and a cup of tea.

So today's chatroom is a two parter really. First of all, what's your favourite ever book? Classics, autobiographies, sci-fi, poetry, graphic novels, the whole lot -- it doesn't have to be tech related, just share with us your favourite ever read.

And, secondly, as we increasingly read on tablets, phone and eReaders, do you prefer traditional paper books or a digital eBook, and why?

To get the ball rolling, my favourite book ever is James Joyce's Dubliners. You can read it for free here. James Joyce is a literary master and Dubliners, his collection of short stories set around the Irish capital in the early 20th century, is astoundingly beautiful and sad. It's also his most accessible work, written before he dived head on into modernist structures with Ulysses and basically invented his own language with Finnegan's Wake.

As for the digital versus paper argument, I'd argue it's not as clear cut as that -- I prefer reading a book at home, and love the smell and feel of an old tome, but appreciate the convenience of slipping a 1,000 page novel in my pocket via a Kindle.

Image Credit: Book on Desk from Shutterstock