Jägermeister Builds World's First 'Gigloo' from 150kg Ice Blocks

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With a diameter of 16 metres – a span of 3.5 double decker buses – Jägermeister’s ice stage is certainly not your run-of-the-mill gig venue.

But the snow construction team behind the acclaimed nearby Snow Village have been architecting ice for 14 years and wasted no time in building what’s believed to be the world’s first ‘gigloo’ at Ylläs in Finland, this month.

150kg blocks of ice were used to create the 200-stander auditorium for a performance by highly-rated progressive rock outfit TesseracT. The UK outfit emerged into the freezing cold venue from a tunnel carved into the ice and turned on their snowmobile headlights to pull in Lappish villagers from 50km away. The coincidental Northern Lights overhead flickered like lighter flames in an encore.

Jägermeister’s annual Ice Cold Gig event is in its fourth year and an old hand at extreme gigging. It previously set a Guinness World Record for the World’s Coldest Concert (a fairly brutal -30 Siberian degrees) and the world’s first gig on an iceberg, in Greenland.

You can see more pictures and videos at Jägermeister's Facebook and YouTube pages, and the full length video here. You can also check out more updates from the chilled sessions at the @jageruk Twitter feed, and by hitting up the #icecoldgig hashtag.