Law Change Hands Drivers 10 Minutes of Free Parking

By Gary Cutlack on at

Drivers across England will soon benefit from a change in parking laws that gives everyone a free 10 minutes of parking time -- by adding a grace period to the end of each paid ticket or free bay spot.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles announced the move, saying it would go some way toward lessening the "war on drivers" that many feel is unfairly punishing/taxing/oppressing car owners. Pickles said: "Over-zealous parking enforcement undermines our town centres and costs councils more in the long-term. Our measures not only bring big benefits for high streets, motorists and local authorities - they put common sense back into parking."

It's designed to encourage shoppers to return to the high streets rather than parking their black hire purchase wagons at the nearest out of town ASDA to fill up on biscuits for the week, with the law also promising to stop fines being handed out when shoppers are faced by out-of-order parking meters. [Guardian]