LG G4 Note Phablet Rumoured to Take on a Similarly Named Samsung Phone

By Gerald Lynch on at

A flagship LG device was notably absent from this year's MWC 2015 conference. While Samsung and HTC both showed their upcoming smartphone slates, LG instead leaned on its upcoming wearable devices, stating that its flagship phone would appear at a later date. Now, according to the Korea Herald, that flagship will be joined at some point this year by a larger "phablet" device, the LG G4 Note.

No points for guessing where it got the name from, if that particular rumour proves to be true.

According to the Korea Herald, the company had already applied for a related trademark back in February, while LG President and COO Cho-Ju-no also teased an additional 2015 flagship would appear in 2015 whilst at MWC.

Though little is known about the G4 Note (if it even exists), there's a few things you can take a guess at given the phablet identifier, such as stylus support and an extension of the G3's insanely pixel-dense Quad HD screen.

It perhaps explains why LG was so confident at MWC, despite having no flagship to show. The company's Global Communications Director, Ken Hong, was taking swings at the competition on display at the event, saying “You need to show innovation, not just say it. It's not enough anymore just to increase the pixel count of a camera, it's got to be more than just that." [Korea Herald]