LG Slams its MWC 2015 Rivals: "You Need to Show Innovation, Not Just Say It"

By Gerald Lynch on at

MWC is the mobile tech battleground, with Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC and others lining up to pit their devices against each other. But if one company has its gloves off, it's LG. Coming into the show on the back of the well received LG G Flex 2 (though still yet to reveal a 2015 flagship of its own), its team has been less than impressed with the standard of innovation its rivals have shown at the show.

“There are a couple of models at this show that are 'safer' than what we will have done,” said Ken Hong, LG's Global Communications Director.

“You need to show innovation, not just say it. It's not enough anymore just to increase the pixel count of a camera, it's got to be more than just that.

“We upgrade things in sets; the battery plus the camera, the display plus the UX. It's got to be some sort of package deal. I don't think we would be comfortable putting out a new flagship phone that only improved on one area, no matter how good it may have been the previous year.”

While not singling out any one manufacturer, the statement seemed to address criticism pointed at one rival in particular; HTC's One M9, though a solid device, strayed little in terms of design from its HTC One M8 flagship predecessor.

“In this industry you can probably get away with one year having something that's an 'evolutionary' version of the previous year's phone – if it was very good. But I think most consumers will not let that happen two years in a row,” added Hong.

“If you're going to play it safe one year, then you're going to have to go very innovative in the two years after your successful product. That's kind of where we are; we're always wondering do we need to go 'very different', or 'slightly different'.

“We had a really good G3, everyone seemed to like it – we haven't heard any major concerns about G3 or its weaknesses. So what do you do – play it safe or do something different?”

HTC, Samsung, Sony: over to you.