Little Robot Friend for Astronauts Wins Ridiculous World Records

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Guinness World Records people have invented two new insane types of record in order to recognise a little robot, with Japan's Kirobo conversation-bot picking up two trophies.

Kirobo hit space in 2013, when he was the official life partner of astronaut Koichi Wakata on the ISS. It's now the holder of the record for First Companion Robot in Space along with the Highest Altitude for a Robot to Have a Conversation.

Kirobo's main job is to stop astronauts from going mad by talking to them in space, which is a bit useless as astronauts have the internet nowadays so are unlikely to go mad from isolation any more. Here it is in action:

You'd think there'd be more pressing things for people in space to do than annunciate obvious things for a robot to repeat back to them, like seeing what happens to jelly in zero gravity and suchlike. [Guinness World Records]