Living on an Extinct Volcano Looks Amazing From Space

By Attila Nagy on at

This image was taken from high above the Azores island of São Miguel. Look closely, and you can see the five-kilometre-wide volcanic habitation called the Sete Cidades Massif within it. Read more >>

The interior is home to two large lakes, and several volcanic cones, lava domes and maars – or shallow, flooded craters. ESA explains what other terrain features can be observed:

In the surrounding area we can see the distinct lines where vegetation grows along waterways radiating from the circular massif. Between these lines are agricultural plots.

This image was acquired by the Spanish Deimos-2 satellite on December 6th 2014. Here is the large, uncropped version of it, in all its glory. Click to expand.

[DEIMOS Imaging/ESA]