Lockheed Designs Ludicrous Laser and Proceeds Straight to Pew Pew Pew

By Darren Orf on at

Engine-destroying lasers! Cars controlled by your smartwatch! It isn't science fiction, it's reality! This and much more in today's Bitstream bulletin.

Lockheed Martin has in its possession a fibre-optic laser. It is an absolute beast. Called 'Advanced Test High Energy Asset', or ATHENA for short, it can burn through an engine's manifold over a mile away. The result of which is shown so delightfully in the main image. Now all we need is to build a fully armed and operational battle station. [Engadget]

Mars Curiosity, one of the most important and sophisticated gadgets in human history, short circuited late last month and is currently getting a little R&R as NASA tries to figure out what the hell went wrong. [Space.com]

Apps and Devices

Hyundai showed off an Android Wear app that can control your car. Now it's in the app store. The future, people. It's here. [Hyundai]

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 lets you pin personal settings among other things. Windows Central takes a tour of the upgraded mobile OS. [Windows Central]

Great news for Xbox One fans. Microsoft's console will soon have cross-play support, meaning one game works for both your PC and Xbox One. [GameSpot]


A New MacBook Air, finally with Retina Display, may be on its way. Hopefully, we'll have "one more thing" to talk about at Apple's upcoming Spring Forward event, but WWDC in June seems like a more likely launch date. [Wall Street Journal]

HTC may be launching an M8s, essentially the same phone as last year's M8 but with a slightly de-powered processor. [Tweakers]

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