London Shortlists Four Designs in Make-a-Footbridge Contest

By Gary Cutlack on at

The international competition to design a new foot and bike wheel bridge over the Thames is nearly at an end, with Wandsworth council revealing the final four shortlisted entries that could get built to add a new way to cross London's watery artery.

The four winners are at the tamer end of the design spectrum, although there's an alarming amount of unnecessary bend to three out of the four choices to span the river between Nine Elms and Pimlico.

There's this squiggly one from Ove Arup & Partners Ltd, which could pay for itself if it asks people to pay 50p a time to pop through the shortcut and avoid faffing about on those loops:


There's an even more ridiculously bent alternative one from Ove Arup & Partners again, that forces people to take stairs if they want to avoid the additional faffing about triggered by its larger entry loops:


There's your more traditional straight span option from the sensible Buro Happold Limited:


And again with the needless additional curvature from Bystrup Architecture Design and Engineering, who would also rather you conduct a short 360-degree turn, like you're an aeroplane in a stacking procedure, before crossing:


Construction on the new crossing could begin as soon as this autumn, once a final winner is chosen. [Standard]