Lords Want all Drones to be Registered, to Stop the Unlicensed Having of Fun

By Gary Cutlack on at

The confused men of the House of Lords have been pondering the modern issue of drones, agreeing with thinking that the industry could create as many asĀ 150,000 new jobs across the EU by the year 2050 -- but asking for manufacturing to be standardised and all fliers, commercial and leisure, to be registered with authorities.

The full report says there should be a "shared manufacturing standard" for all drones put in place throughout the UK and EU to ensure safety, with an "online database of drone operations" put together to track them, like a miniature air traffic control network. There should also be strict "geo-fencing" enforced, to stop amateurs taking wacky footage over buildings and panicking tourists into thinking it might be terrorists.

Committee Chairman Baroness O'Cathain said: "The growth in civilian drone use has been astonishing and they are taking to the skies faster than anyone could have predicted. We have a huge opportunity to make Europe a world leader in drone technology. But there's also a risk -- public understanding of how to use drones safely may not keep pace with people's appetite to fly them. It would just take one disastrous accident to destroy public confidence and set the whole industry back." [Parliament via Guardian]