Magic Leap Claims This Kickass Reality-Bending Raygun Game is Real

By Sean Hollister on at

Remember Magic Leap, the elusive Google-funded company promising to make virtual objects look like they exist in the real world? The one whose technology we've never actually seen? The secretive startup just released this incredible video filled with robots, retro rayguns, and a holodeck-like user interface.

Oh, and the company claims this is a real game that real Magic Leap employees are actually playing around the office today.

Honestly, it's pretty hard to take the company at its word that this is entirely real and not just an artist's interpretation of what the technology will be. (I've asked the company to clarify.) Last I'd heard—take this with a grain of salt—Magic Leap hadn't yet miniaturised the tech to the point where you could actually wear a full-colour display on your head, much less roam around a room, grab rayguns and shoot up a room.

But that doesn't make this video any less cool. And I did indeed see experiences not too far behind this when I used Microsoft's Hololens for the first time a couple months ago.

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