Man Loses £3k in Alleged Uber Hack

By Gary Cutlack on at

A London man claims to have lost around £3,000 thanks to having his Uber account hijacked, with criminals enjoying some 142 rides around the capital using his freelance taxi firm details.

Mick Crossley says he only noticed his credit card had been paying to shuttle people around London for free when he logged into his Uber account after a two week absence, only to discover a user review he had no memory of leaving. Further swiping through the menus revealed the 142 rides, taken over a 10-day period -- baffling as he'd received no communications from the company, leading him to believe his contact details had been changed too.

Crossley said some of the trips were a bit weird, as you might expect when using someone else's details to pick up the tab, explaining: "There was one going round in a circle, starting in Shepherd's Bush and driving all the way to east London and back again. Some were as early as 8am. They ran all the way up until 1am. Most of the time they were using the expensive luxury service to run up the bill."

Uber has said it found "no evidence of a breach" -- but will be reimbursing the man for his lost £3,000. [Standard]