McDonald's is Now Offering Table Service

By Gerald Lynch on at

Is McDonald's about to make a move into Nando's "sorta-not-really-fast-food-but-it-is" turf? Could be -- in an attempt to revamp the brand, it's starting to offer table service with waiting staff in one of its restaurants. No more queuing up with the unfed masses, or pushing used up trays into bins!

Frankfurt Airport's McDonald's, serving 1 million customers a year, will be the first to trial the service. Orders can be made at the front counter, with staff then bringing prepared food to your table, or orders can be placed with wandering, tablet-equipped waiting staff. There will also be a kiosk to place orders at by the entrance to the eatery.

"This is where McDonald's is headed," said new McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook at the opening of the store. While there's no officially plans for a wider roll-out yet, when your CEO is turning up at an international store revamp, along with a new service system, that's probably a pretty good indication that it won't be a one off. [Reuters]