Meerkats Up the Ante With 2-for-1 Cinema Tickets on Wednesdays AND Tuesdays

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the annoying omnipresent adverts for car insurance is the latest company to leap in the BOGOF cinema ticket void created by Orange, with Compare the Market (dot com) now offering a whole year of 2-for-1 cinema tickets when you sign up to one of its insurance plans.

The downside is you have to refer to the scheme as Meerkat Movies. All existing insurance customers qualify for the deal for the remaining term of their policies, with new signer-uppers getting one full year of bargain discounted extra tickets.

There is, of course, an app to manage everything, with Android and iOS versions already available for download. The scheme launches on April 3rd, just in time for the cinema re-release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, or, er, Fast & Furious 7.

Compare the Market generously explains how you can HACK the SYSTEM by getting the cheapest applicable policy, suggesting that a £25 single trip travel insurance policy is all you need to buy in order to qualify. That's quite a bargain if you regularly watch anything other than low quality mobile phone recordings of new releases. [CTM]