Monopoly: World Edition Dumps Low-Rent London on Mid-Table Orange Squares

By Gary Cutlack on at

The owner of the Monopoly brand has revealed the cities that are down for inclusion in a new world capitals version of the board game, with London sitting on the orange cards traditionally reserved for Vine Street, Bow Street and Marlborough Street.

The top spots, and the exclusive purple rectangles, have been bagged by the new global powerhouse of Hong Kong and the less powerful but no doubt architecturally sound Peruvian capital of Lima. Maker Hasbro absolved itself of all political responsibility for the placements by opening up the voting to an international online audience, so if Spain wants to start a war with someone about Madrid getting dumped on the cheap brown spots and seeing tourism revenue haemorrhage over the next decade as a result, it's nothing to do with Hasbro.

As with all online activity there is a hint of bafflement about one or two of the results. The small Dutch town of Giethoorn sits alongside Madrid thanks to winning a wildcard voting week where any place on the planet could be voted for in addition to the famous shortlisted cities. Hence online comedians massed and had it stuck on the set.

Hasbro has provided a list of all the towns and cities that'll appear on the board's spots:

Dark Blue: Lima, Peru; Hong Kong, China
Green: Riga, Latvia; Lisbon, Portugal; Istanbul, Turkey
Yellow: Warsaw, Poland; Mexico City, Mexico; Santiago, Chile
Red: Belfast, Ireland; Athens, Greece; Belgrade, Serbia
Orange: London, England; Moscow, Russia; Tokyo, Japan
Magenta: New York, NY, U.S.A; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Sydney, Australia
Light Blue: Queenstown, New Zealand; Cape Town, South Africa; Taipei, Taiwan
Brown: Giethoorn, Netherlands; Madrid, Spain

The World Edition of the set will launch later this year, as part of the celebrations to mark the 80th anniversary of the modern incarnation of the interminable Christmas pursuit. [Independent]