MP Warns Parliament May be Abandoned if £3bn Repair Budget isn't Found

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Commons Speaker John Bercow has warned that MPs face the prospect of leaving the Houses of Parliament and never coming back, unless the estimated £3bn needed to shore up the building is found pretty quickly.

Bercow warned that parliament could be left with no alternative but to move out within the next ten years, saying: "It would be a huge pity if we decided that by the time we had reached the 200th anniversary of the vast fire which consumed the old parliament and brought this one in to being, we had to abandon this site and look elsewhere in order to serve the public interest properly."

One solution to the renovation nightmare has been put forward by tenant pressure group Generation Rent, which suggests the crumbling building could be turned into expensive flats -- because London really hasn't got enough of those yet -- with MPs relocating to cheaper premises in Hull. [Independent]