Nest 'Smart' Thermostat Left in the Cold When it Comes To British Summer Time Changes

By Gerald Lynch on at

A Nest Learning Thermostat serves a very specific purpose; it learns your heating habits over a relatively short period of time, enabling you to effectively ignore your heating system, knowing that it will automatically ensure your home will be toasty at just the hours you need it to be, saving pennies on your heating bill in the process. If, however, the Nest can't properly tell the time -- a very simple task in the grand scheme of its abilities -- the whole thing falls down.

And, yep, you guessed, just as we've all fallen foul of the clock-forwarding British Summer Time change, so too did the Nest. According to The Next Web, though the Nest's internal clock changed appropriately, users' personalised heating schedules stayed put on Greenwich Mean Time, an hour off when they should have kicked in. Survivalists, sitting around their log fires, must be feeling pretty smug right now. [The Next Web]