Netflix God Mode Will Save You From Horizontal Scrolling Hell

By Gerald Lynch on at

We all love Netflix, with its range of blockbusters and...and... Gor. There's loads of movies and TV shows to browse and binge on, but the website's horizontal scrolling limit can make it a time-consuming chore to explore all the service has to offer.

Enter Netflix God Mode. It's a simple bookmarklet browser add-on from San Francisco-based developer Renan Cakirerk which replaces the left-to-right scrolling with a more useful expanded view of movie artwork.

It's not as pretty as Netflix's standard silky-smooth scrolling, but its certainly more practical -- being able to see a wider array of shows in any given category is a much more sensible way to browse the brimming catalogue, and it doesn't give you that weird blurry vision if you stare at it for too long.

To install the bookmarklet, hit this link and drag the green button onto your browser's bookmarks bar. It'll work on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, though it won't work if you're using the soon-to-be-dead Internet Explorer.

For now, the bookmarklet remains a third-party solution, so there's a good chance that Netflix will shut it down before long. It also means that if you use Netflix exclusively on smartphones, tablets or through TV and games console apps, you won't be able to benefit from this browser-based tweak. Still, if enough people start using the God Mode modification, perhaps Netflix will see the error of its horizontally-scrolling ways and at least make this alternative view an option somewhere. [Netflix God Mode]