No Bottle Opener? No Problem: Here's How to Open a Beer With a Piece of Paper

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's Friday, your shoes are off, your onesie is on. Time to catch up with last week's Top Gear and crack open the first beer of the weekend.

But lo! Disaster has struck! Your fridge magnet bottle opener has gone walkies and you've no way to get into the delicious honey-coloured beverage sitting within its ice-cold glass prison. Long gone are the days when you'd risk your gnashers and slide it off with your teeth.

But don't panic! Got an old book you don't need? A photo of an ex you'd rather not see anymore? Your D-Grade Religious Studies GCSE framed and mounted? Tear them apart (or find any A4-sized sheet of paper, really) and follow YouTuber Rhys Morgan's beer-liberating technique below:

Want that in writing?

  • Fold the paper in half from a vertical orientation, three time, until only a thin strip of paper is left.
  • Then fold the remaining paper lengthways to create a 'V' shape to act as a lever.
  • Put the 'V' of the paper below the bottle cap, put some pressure on it, pop the lid and enjoy.

One sheet of paper. Four well placed folds. A banging headache in the morning. Job done. It's what the internet was made for. [YouTube]