Nvidia Titan X GPU is the Most Monstrous Graphics Card Ever

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's not all virtual reality headsets and VR experiences at GDC 2015. Well, it is mostly, but what's going to be driving the super-immersive PC gaming experiences? If you ask Nvidia, it'd say its newly-announced Titan X graphics card.

Revealed at Epic Games' GDC press conference, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang claimed it'll be the most powerful GPU ever built when it touches down later this year. Packed with 8 billion transistors and 12GB of VRAM, the Maxwell architecture card even outdoes the ridiculous Titan Z, which managed to squeeze in a mere (and I use the word "mere" incredibly lightly) 7 billion transistors. A 4K, 60fps playthrough of Crysis 3 doesn't sound all that improbable all of a sudden.