O2 Builds Working Phone out of Grass

By Gary Cutlack on at

This thing here is a recycled phone made out of grass and leftover mobile components, which O2 has had put together to remind the nation to recycle their embarrassingly out of date 14-month-old smartphones when upgrading.

To make it even more of a boundary-busting marketing experiment O2 has used grass taken from Twickenham stadium, where men play rugby sometimes, to create the thing.

Sean Miles from DesignWorks, who helped create the concept, was told to mention recycling and rugby in his soundbite, saying: "We wanted to give the ‘old and forgotten’ a new lease of life and create a thought provoking prototype which would make people stop and think about recycling in a new and different way. The phone itself is incredibly striking and those who use it can pick out every blade of grass and imagine the incredible rugby games which have been played over them."

Evocative. I'm certainly imagining Wales narrowly beating Italy to take third place in the Six Nations now. Sadly, this photo of it from the side reveals it's actually just a snap-on rear case for some old Windows Phone model, rather than the dawn of the age of bioengineering in which phones are grown to order. [O2 Recycle]