Overdog is Match.com for Xbox One Gamers

By Gerald Lynch on at

Matchmaking in multiplayer video game lobbies is usually predominately determined by one factor -- whether or not you're any good at the game you want to play. Other points, such as connection speed and geographic location, sometimes come into play, but more often than not it's down to how quickly you're going to cap-or-be-capped. Xbox One's new Overdog app wants to shake that up.

Rolling out to Xbox One Preview Program members, it's like a dating service for gamers. Take a quick survey defining your tastes in games, music and movies, and it'll attempt to put you into a session with players that share your interests. Anyone who's sick of listening to lil' Johnny from Alabama spout expletives during their Halo bouts will be thrilled, though it'll take the March Xbox One update until all Microsoft's gamers can take advantage of the console cupid. [Overdog]