Overkill Alert: Samsung's Next Smartwatch Might Have an Eight-Core Processor

By Gerald Lynch on at

As a device intended to supplement a smartphone, you'd be right in thinking a smartwatch doesn't need to be all that powerful to get its job done. It seems Samsung didn't get the memo though: according to Sammobile, it's popping the very same processor that you'd find in its new Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone inside its next smartwatch.

The processor in question is the 14nm Exynos 7420, an eight-core monster with four cores running at 2.1GHz and the remaining four running at 1.5GHz. An ARM Mali T760 GPU does the graphical grunt work. Current Samsung smartwatches, such as the curved Samsung Galaxy Gear S, get along just fine with a dual-core CPU.

So what's the point? It's all about battery life. An eight-core processor is able to handle tasks more efficiently than its quad or dual-core siblings, meaning you should be able to eke as along as four days from a single charge from the future Samsung wearable, providing it isn't packing some sort of secret agent death ray or something. That's definitely favourable against the day or so that the Apple Watch will give you, or the day-and-a-bit you'd get from most Android Wear devices.

As for the watch itself, Sammobile has uncovered a patent for what it believes is Samsung's codenamed Orbis time piece. It'd have a round face like the Moto 360, and a bezel that rotates to control its Tizen interface. You can see how that might look in the image up top. [Sammobile, The Register]