Pig Barred from Pub for Stealing Drinks

By Gary Cutlack on at

The novelty of seeing a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig wandering around their local pub wore off quicker than expected for some local drinkers, with the boozing pig now banned from the Conquering Hero pub for getting a bit too aggressive in its pursuit of abandoned stale pints.

Drinkers initially started handing the pig the occasional drink, because, as the internet has taught us over the last few years, animals doing slightly unusual things that probably aren't really very healthy for them is perhaps the funniest thing in the entire world since they stopped making Fawlty Towers.

However, mirroring the sad life trajectories of many career drinkers, the pig soon started getting a bit aggressive about it all. It began butting the legs of drinkers in a pathetic piggy attempt to get them to notice it and get it a beer and/or some salty snacks in, leading the landlords of the south London pub to bar it from mingling with the customers.

The pig actually belongs to the owners of the pub, who explained: "She managed to nick a pint or two and then started butting into people. But we're keeping a closer eye on her now and that won't happen again." [Metro]