Pilot Who Drew This Giant Penis in the Sky is the Hero We Deserve

By Darren Orf on at

GPS trolling is an art form spawning a movement of walkers, runners, and auto enthusiasts to create map-based creations. But one enterprising pilot, with his own private plane and time to kill, took to the skies to draw the an image that fills the notebooks of teenage boys and art students alike — a giant dick.

Yes, "objects." The pilot/artist used Flightradar24, an online service that tracks current flights, to bring the massive erection to life.

I'd give the attempt a solid 7/10 (the balls are a little misshapen), but I won't pretend to know the complexities of trying to fly a plane and also draw a penis. More than this picture, I just love that someone exists in this world who had the thought "Hmm, I think I'm going to fly-draw a penis real quick." [Mashable]