PlayStation Mobile Will Power Down on July 15th

By Gerald Lynch on at

The fight for "proper gaming" on mobile devices has been dealt a blow today, as Sony has announced that it is closing PlayStation Mobile platform on July 15th. The service, which had been intended to bring Sony's gaming and mobile departments together by providing a space where mobile gamers could pick up indie games and PlayStation classics, never really took off, despite availability on a range of handsets by many manufacturers.

No new content will be published after the July 15th date and, once September 10th passes, you won't even be able to re-download the games you've purchased through the service. Better finish up that Crash Bandicoot save soon then, or at least make sure you've got a sturdy back-up somewhere.

Sony's mobile gaming hopes now lay with Remote Play, which allows owners of select Xperia devices to stream titles from their PlayStation 4 consoles to smartphones and tablets. At present, you'll have to pick up one of Sony's Xperia Z3 or Z2 range, or brand new Z4 Tablet devices to use the feature (or, alternatively take advantage of it on the PS Vita gaming handheld). However, it may not be locked in exclusively to Sony branded devices for ever; speaking at MWC 2015 Stephen Sneedon, Sony's senior product spokesperson, said "Never say never" when quizzed on the possibility of the service rolling out to the wider Android market. [PlayStation]