Possibly Finished and Working LG G4 Photographed in the Flesh

By Gary Cutlack on at

We now have some alleged photos of the LG G4 to go along with the series of supposed official renders, thanks to someone breaking a bond of trust and taking snaps of a demo or prototype unit.

The images show... a phone. The only possible significant divergence from LG's flagship mobiles of previous years is the little lump shown at the top-left of the photos of the rear of the device, which looks very much like it may be where you pop a fingernail in to remove a stylus for when you need to accurately draw genitals on someone's face.

Here, look:

Either a stylus or a thing for getting stones out of horse's hoofs. A stylus is a bit of a step backwards seeing as we've been managing to use phones accurately enough without styluses for years, so presumably it's just been put there to annoy Samsung. [XDA via Android CentralEngadget]