Pre-Boiled Eggs Coming Soon to Shops, Make Pot Noodles Look Gourmet

By Gerald Lynch on at

Have you ever craved a runny boiled egg but either a) didn't have time to prepare one, or b) somehow didn't know the not-so-complex method of how to boil one yourself? Then, good news! Lazy snack enthusiasts around the world rejoice, as Yowk is bringing a pre-boiled and packaged egg to shops.

Oh, brave new, slightly-depressing world!

The Yowk offers a pasteurised egg cooked in a "boil-in-the-bag" method, just like a Pot Noodle. The lid turns into a little egg cup while the box can hold the boiling water to reheat the egg in about five minutes. Not much of a time saver then as it is a mobile boiling solution. You'll also get a little sachet of salt, a small packet of bread soldiers for dipping and a plastic spoon for scooping all the not-quite-a-chicken-y goodness out with.

The Yowk egg will be on show at the International Food Event trade show later this month, and has already attracted attention from several supermarkets. According to The Grocer, one coffee chain is also considering stocking it, while a number of pubs have showed interest too.

As for the price, Yowk is expected to retail at £1.79 a pack. So nearly twice what you'd pay for a carton of half a dozen regular eggs. #Firstworldproblems, ya'all... [Bitter Wallet]