PS4 Remote Play Coming to Non-Sony Phones? "Never Say Never"

By Gerald Lynch on at

With most smartphones sharing similar screen and processor technology, and the majority running on Android, it can be difficult to find a point of differentiation between the top-tier phone manufacturers.

However, owners of devices in Sony's most recent Xperia line-up have been able to enjoy the rare sight of a feature unique to those phones and tablets; remote streaming of games from a PlayStation 4 console. For those Android users outside of Sony's Xperia ecosystem looking to get in on the feature, there may be a ray of hope. During a chat with Stephen Sneedon, Sony's senior product spokesperson, the executive wouldn't rule out Remote Play coming to other Android devices.

“Never say never, right?” said Sneedon.

"It's something that's a solid differentiator for us. So at least in the near term we wouldn't want to lose that differentiation."

For Sony, the feature is still proving a useful way of presenting mobile gaming beyond the usual "casual" definition now associated with pocketable devices, as well as a feature that (currently at least) doesn't have comparable competition with Microsoft's Xbox One.

"For somebody that has a PS4 and if they're not already aware of the Remote Play (which I'd find surprising), when they walk into a mobile store and a salesperson starts telling them about this capability, all of a sudden there's no competition -- it's not a compromised experience."

For the time being however, the feature remains exclusive to Sony's Xperia range. If you fancy taking your Driveclub session with you onto the toilet, you'll have to pick up one of Sony's Xperia Z3 or Z2 range, or brand new Z4 Tablet devices.

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