PS4's Long Awaited Suspend/Resume Feature Lands in Tomorrow's System Update

By Matt Hill on at

Remember when the PS4 launched two years ago and Sony said you would be able to suspend and resume games in an instant like a smartphone? Well, from tomorrow, you finally can, as March 26 brings "Yukimura" – or system update version 2.50, if you're being formal.

Suspend/Resume is the headline feature, working with "nearly" all PS4 titles (whatever that means), and setting the console in a standby-flavoured 'Rest Mode' that will throw you straight back into the game wherever you were at the touch of the DualShock 4. Ahhhh progress.

Other boons packed into the update include letting us back-up and restore the hard drive using an external USB drive and auto-60fps Share Play for games that support it, which we'll definitely use, plus a load of Facebook/social integration that we probably won't.

Oh, and you can share all those GTA Online takedowns on Daily Motion now, too. So no video service while be a stranger to your car-nicking majesty.