R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard Maker Turns to Dark Plastic Side

By Gary Cutlack on at

The lovely little R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard is about to have a refresh, with the maker giving it a black lick of paint and calling it the R2-Q5. The deal is the same as before, though -- a cute little R2 unit to sit on your desk and project a full QWERTY keyboard in front of your keyboardless mobile device.

You will need something equipped with the Bluetooth HID spec to connect it to, plus, with only two hours of typing time on a charge, it's going to be more of a novelty input device for impressing people when you want to communicate from within internet conventions than a serious typing solution.

But still. It looks like it's from Star Wars so men will be purchasing the thing in triplicate regardless.


The main thing it can't do is provide any form of tactile feedback when you touch your table, lap, carpet or sofa cushion -- the reason such projection keyboards haven't really taken off despite looking really quite amazing. [Imp via 9to5Toys]