RIP Sir Terry Pratchett: The Very Best Discworld Book Covers

By Matt Hill on at

The word "legend" is fairly overused in a world where your mate is a "legend" for lending you 50p, but it's certainly deserved of British fantasy-fiction master Sir Terry Pratchett, who has sadly died at 66 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.

And he's left us with a fantastically poignant set of tweets. Yes, a set of tweets really can be poignant:

As someone who laughed in the face of death – both figuratively and, through his characters, often literally – and had come to terms with his condition, Pratchett's passing is one of great impact.

His long-running Discworld book series sits in its entirety on the Giz UK bookshelf, well thumbed, chuckled at and drenched in school-days nostalgia, with his creative partnership with illustrator Josh Kirby making their covers as iconic as any Iron Maiden album, perfectly summing up the manic wit of the world within the pages.

And who can forget the PC point-and-click adventures, too? The first was effectively a retelling of Guards! Guards! but with some of the characters changed and Eric Idle an inspired casting as the voice of Rincewind.

So let's remember the great man with our all-time favourite Discworld covers. What are yours, pray tell?

The Colour of Magic (1985 paperback)

The Light Fantastic (1986 paperback)

Reaper Man (1991 hardback)

Soul Music (1995 hardback)

Guards! Guards! (1990 paperback)

Moving Pictures (1990 hardback)

Diggers (1990 paperback)

Discworld II: Missing Presumed…!? (1996 on PC)

Top Image Credit: Stars of a planet and galaxy (modified) at Shutterstock