Rumour: Apple Will Share Your Data to Secure TV Streaming Rights

By Gerald Lynch on at

That long-awaited Apple TV streaming service we've heard so much about? Yeah, it may come with a rather hefty catch. As well as having to cough up a load of dough to get hold of channels like ESPN, NBC and Fox in the States, it's reportedly willing to share your data with the TV networks in order to butter them up ahead of the service's proposed autumn launch.

What sort of data exactly? Well, according to the New York Post, Apple will use stats such as your viewing habits and demographic to lure in deals with channels, and is said to be even considering letting certain channels run advert alongside their content -- an unusual step when compared to ad-free TV streamers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, though its worth remembering that Apple is pushing to work towards providing users with live TV broadcasts.

Apple has traditionally stated that it would never grant access to this kind of data -- magazine publishers were told that similar user info was off limits when iPad editions of their titles were launched. But TV has allegedly been a tough cookie to crack for Apple, so perhaps a departure from its regular policy on user data has had to be made to ensure deals go through.

Either way, the TV service's launch, at least initially, will likely be limited to the US. So tin foil hat wearers won't have to go around unplugging Apple TV boxes just yet. [New York Post]