Rumour: The iPhone 6C May be a Pocketable 4-inches of Plastic

By Gerald Lynch on at

It seems the curious iPhone 5C, Apple's attempt at a "budget" orientated smartphone (and you had to take the word "budget" with £469 worth of salt upon its September 2013 release) wont be the only plastic "C" branded phone the Cupertino company puts out. Future Supplier claims to have got its hands on a pink iPhone 6C case from the factory floor, setting tongues wagging that a new cheapo iPhone is on the way.

Rather than mimicking the iPhone 6's 4.7-inch display (or iPhone 6 Plus's 5.5-inch screen), it's sticking with the 5C's 4-inch display. NFC connectivity, TouchID and the Gorilla Glass 3 protection are all touted for inclusion, with the 6C apparently sporting two sets of speaker holes compared to the single bunch on the 5C. An oval flash sits where the iPhone 5C's circular one could be found. There's certainly room for a smaller screened phone in Apple's inventory, and we'll always welcome an affordable way into iOS, even if the 5C proved divisive -- we'll keep you posted if the iPhone 6C proves legit. [Future Supplier via TechRadar]