Schwarzenegger is in 'The Last of Us' Film Which Isn't Actually 'The Last of Us' Film

By Gerald Lynch on at

He's got the beard, the flannel shirt, the vulnerable girl to protect in a viral apocalypse... all he needs now is the game license. As Eurogamer has pointed out, Arnold Schwarzenegger's new film Maggie looks a dead-ringer for PlayStation exclusive The Last of Us, even if it isn't the long-awaited official tie-in we've heard rumours of:

Arnie's on the run with his daughter (the titular Maggie, played by Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin), who has come down with a rather nasty zombie-fuelled flu. A couple of Lemsips don't look like they'll do much in this case.

Of course, there's no official connection between the two properties, but the influence seems clear enough to us here. And it's worth noting that The Last of Us, masterpiece though it is, wasn't exactly wholly original in its ideas -- Cormac McCarthy's gut-wrenching The Road was an obvious source of inspiration for game developers Naughty Dog.

As for the official movie tie-in? Naughty Dog is said to be in talks to develop a The Last of Us film, with Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams the name most often linked to the project, expected to take the lead "Ellie" role.

If you can't wait for that adaptation though, Maggie looks as if it will tide you over. Keep an eye out for it hitting cinemas in May. [Eurogamer]