Selfie Sticks Banned from London's National Gallery

By Gary Cutlack on at

The use of selfie sticks to take photos of your preened face with the smile that makes you look the most normal in front of artworks you know nothing about has been banned by the National Gallery, with the London home of art now insisting you don't make an idiot of yourself in public.

The ban seems to rely on a technicality rather than a mass hatred of people who use them, though, with the museum saying the sticks aren't welcome because they're similar to a camera tripod -- which high-art pirates could use take "photographs" of the valued exhibits, some of which are on loan and covered by copyright.

The British Museum, meanwhile, says it's "reviewing its policy on the use of 'selfie-sticks'" and seems to be lining up a similar ban to the ones spreading across Europe on the grounds of public safety. [Standard]

Image credit: Selfie from Shutterstock