Sky Broadband File-Sharers Could Face Piracy Compensation Squeeze

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sky has been forced to hand over the names and addresses of some of its users, whom movie company TCYK LLC believes have illegally downloaded some of its movies.

TorrentFreak reports that TCYK LLC has identified apparent copyright infringement through IP address snooping, and will now be pursuing compensation from file sharers.

"We advise any of our customers who receive a letter from TCYK LLC to read it carefully and if they want any further help to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau," reads a letter now being distributed by Sky.

Though it may be a worrying letter to receive, TCYK LLC has some work to do before it can wrangle money from your account, so don't be too alarmed. TorrentFreak has a full explanation of what to expect and how to defend yourself against the accusations, so head over there for more. [TorrentFreak via Engadget]