Sky TV Subscription Prices are Going Up

By Gerald Lynch on at

One of the pricier TV packages out there, you get what you pay for with Sky -- the latest blockbusters, the most Premier League football matches and the best EPG/PVR interface out there. But maintaining that service doesn't come cheap -- Sky forked out a staggering £4.2 billion at the last auction of Premier League broadcasting rights. Then it has to maintain exclusivity of HBO shows including Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, as well as putting money into its own productions such as Penny Dreadful and Fortitude.

The money's got to come from somewhere and so, unsurprisingly, Sky has announced that the majority of its TV package prices will be rising.

If you're currently on the Variety bundle, its price will rise by £2 from £28 a month to £30 a month. The Family bundle jumps from £33 a month to £36 a month. Football fans will see the Sky Sports package increase £1 a month to £25.50, while the Sky Movies package sees the smallest rise of just 50 pence. As you'd expect then, the combined Sky Sports and Sky Movies package rises by £1.50.

All changes will take effect from June 1st, and Sky will be notifying its affected customers ahead of the price hike occurring. Those that are feeling the pinch but still want to binge on some Sky-exclusive shows and movies should consider the company's contract-free (though still pricey) Now TV streaming service.