Smallers ISPs are Better at Keeping Users Happy

By Gary Cutlack on at

A survey of how happy ISP users are with their connections has found that people tend to be more content with the services of the smaller companies, with the giants leading the list of complaints -- and the minnows doing a better job.

According to the Which? broadband satisfaction survey, the supergiant pipes of BT, Sky and TalkTalk are causing the most misery, with all three scoring user happiness scores of below 50 per cent.

The smaller connection companies, though, did a lot better. Niche providers like John Lewis Broadband, Plusnet, Utility Warehouse and Zen Internet all won satisfaction scores above 70 per cent, with their less besieged call centres doing a better job of solving problems and keeping subscribers happy.

As for speed, TalkTalk customers were the most furious and likely to be on the phone shouting at someone about megabits, scoring the ISP just 2/5 for speed. Virgin and Zen did best here, both winning four stars from users happy with their speed test results.

Which? is using this data to help with its push for tighter rules to cover the advertised speeds of broadband connections, with director Richard Lloyd saying: "We've told the advertising watchdogs that companies need to be much clearer with their customers about the speeds they can expect. However, three months on, we're still waiting for them to announce how they'll ensure adverts only show the speeds most customers actually receive." [Which?]