Spectacular Photo Shows Scuba Diver Swimming Under Massive Fish-Tornado

By Omar Kardoudi on at

National Geographic's Your Shots features this spectacular picture of a scuba diver swimming under a massive shoal of fish at Cabo Pulmo, in Baja California peninsula, Mexico. The picture, shot by Californian photographer Jeff Hester, shows a colourful ocean full of life but that wasn't always the case:

I believe this is what our oceans should look like. In 1995, [the] park was established by local citizens to counteract depleted reef fishes and marine life due to overfishing. Today, the biomass is booming, and the ecosystem is returning to a healthy state. For this particular image, I wanted to show some scale ... so I had my wife, seen in the foreground, swim ahead of me.

Full size image below, click to embiggen:

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