The 11 Best Apple Watch Accessories: Cases, Stands and Other Essentials

By Jack Tomlin on at

The Apple Watch is finally released today, after a long wait and a mad round of pre-orders. Despite the smartwatch's new-ness, an influx of good, bad, and ugly peripherals have already started to emerge. Read on to see all of our carefully curated collection of Apple Watch accessories, from ready-to-order charging solutions to still-in-crowdfunding concepts.

Calypso Timeless Tempo

There are quite a few accessories designed to tote around the Apple Watch, but this is one of the nicer ones we have seen. It is made from Italian 'caviar' leather, whatever that means, and has three compartments: one for the watch, the other two for earphones or charging accessories. The €129 (£92.63) accessory comes in four different colour combinations, with shipping commencing on May 1st. [Calypso]

HiRise by Twelve South

The HiRise by Twelve South is expensive in its simplicity: it provides a simple docking solution for when the Watch isn't being worn, while also cradling the MagSafe charger; it's a 'designer declutterer' as our Gizmodo UK editor Matt Hill called it. The simple design will set you back a fairly hefty £44.99 and ships in May. [Twelve South]

Addapt Watch Band Adapter

The Adappt is neat little add-on for the Watch that creates a new joint for grafting on any desired standard watch-strap. It's still firmly in the funding stage on Indiegogo at present, but if successful the range will include models in plastic through to 24-karat gold editions to suit any of the upcoming Apple designs. Funding closes in 21 days. [Adappt]

Bumper by Actionproof

Every Apple Watch owner will have their first drop. The first time the multi-hundred-pound device hits the ground will be wince-worthy to say the least, but a protective bumper could save some serious grimacing. Actionproof's Bumper is made from ultra-resistant rubber and can add some serious durability to the Watch, though only the 42mm size. It has been fully funded on IndieGogo, and starts at $35 (£23.51). [Actionproof Bumper]

Proper Watchkeeper Case

Antipodean accessory makers Proper designs the Watchkeeper case. It has a microfibre lining surrounding the MagSafe charging head, with the charging lead hidden beneath. The USB head pops out of the side of the box ready for when it needs plugging in. It comes in black and tan, ships out in May, and costs $59.95AUD (£31.15). [Proper]

Griffin Watchstand

Accessory heavyweights Griffin's Watchstand not only provides a holder for the Watch in portrait or landscape mode but has a lip on the base to hold a phone too, while excess cabling is neatly hidden away in the supporting tower. An affordable solution at $30 (£20.15). [Griffin]

Casetify Customisable Watch Bands 

Casetify has a fun customisation tool for designing straps for the Apple Watch, with which you can apply personal photos or custom imagery. I mocked up the straps above in just a couple of minutes using photos from my Instagram feed, though you can upload any photo from your computer, or use stamps like emoji. Each strap costs $50 (£33.59) and are shipping in early June. [Casetify]

Var Cyclip

The Cyclip by Var takes the Watch off the wrist and onto a bike's handlebar. The obvious application for it would be as sort of sat nav using turn-by-turn directions on the Watch, though there will surely be other clever apps that come along that would suit this thing perfectly. It's still at the 'coming soon' stage on Var's website, where you can sign up for updates. [Var Cyclip]

Nomad Pod

Portable chargers have become a must-have accessory for people toting around smart devices, and with the purported battery life of the Apple Watch being rather limited these gadgets are practically essential. Nomad makes the Pod charger, which packs 1800mAh of juice (about four charges of the Watch), and costs $59.95 (£40.27) with orders being delivered from June 15. [Nomad]

The Reserve Strap


It's not a surprise that many of the Apple Watch accessories focus on keeping the smartwatch full of power. The Reserve Strap falls into this category, as the silicon-based strap is designed to hold a concealed raft of lithium polymer cells and an induction charger, to keep the Apple Watch juiced up all day long. It is still firmly in the design and refine stage at the moment, but its creators are already taking preorders for the $250 (£168.69) accessory. [Reserve Strap]

Membrane Screen Protectors

If there's one part of any desirable device that is prone to protection neuroses it is the screen, so it's no wonder that makers of these flimsy bits of film are the highest proportion of new billionaires in the world (I made that up, but it could well be true). Purists may say screen protectors ruin the aesthetics, but they won't have a squeaky clean screen after a year will they? These ones cost £2.45 for six in either size: 35mm and 42mm. [Membrane]

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