The BBC "Got to be Crazy" to Sack Clarkson, Says... Snoop Dogg

By Gary Cutlack on at

Popular rapper, amateur film maker and renowned smoker Snoop Dogg has outed himself as a fan of the BBC's lumpen right-wing motoring expert, with the Dogg saying it'd be crazy for the corporation to ditch the star over his controversial hot meat altercation.

According to The Sun, Snoop is devastated at the thought that his favourite source of increasingly contrived vehicular challenges may lose its heavily jowled figurehead, explaining in horror: "The BBC got to be crazy to even think about firing Jeremy Clarkson ... He isn't part of Top Gear -- he IS Top Gear. If they even think about firing him, Britain needs to boycott the BBC until he is reinstated."

If you're still equally furious about Jeremy's situation, try watching Spanish Laughing Man talking about the incident -- if you haven't already scrolled past it 1000 times on your Facebook feed:

So it looks like the planet is still undecided about how to pigeonhole Clarkson in the year 2015. Is he a misunderstood national hero that ought to be forgiven because he says what people are thinking on the telly and is probably more fun to go to the pub with than Quentin Willson, or is he nothing more than a last-generation Dapper Laughs that needs putting out to pasture alongside the cast of Last of the Summer Wine? [Metro]