The BBC is Giving Away a Meeeeellion Computers to Kiddie Coders

By Gerald Lynch on at

With the BBC Micro under its wing, there was a time when the Beeb was one of the leading advocates of getting youngsters involved in coding. Looking to take that position once more, the BBC has today announced that it's giving away one million of its new Micro Bit computers to UK Year 7 school kids.

A basic Raspberry Pi-like board, the small standalone device will feature an LED display and can plug into another more powerful computer for expanded capabilities, letting kids take their projects with them in their pockets.

Coinciding with this year's revised school coding curriculum, the BBC will also be developing new educational resources to go along with the computer, expanding the Bitsize (remember that, late 1990s GCSEers?) and School Reports services it already runs under a new "Make it Digital" banner. Finally, the Beeb will also be getting its leading shows to promote techy creativity, including Doctor Who and EastEnders, while there's also an intriguing drama in the works based around the development of the Grand Theft Auto games. Yep, wasn't expecting that last one either. [BBC]