The Best Apple Watch Alternatives

By Eric Limer on at

The Apple Watch is finally coming. It touches down on April 24th. But what makes it so special? Well...not a whole lot except for the fact that it works with an iPhone and is made by Apple, as Mark Wilson very succinctly points out. Here's everything else that's already out there, and already fantastic.

I mean, the Apple Watch doesn't have to re-invent everything to be wildly important. Android Wear is fine and dandy, but that doesn't matter a lick to the iPhone owners. Not to mention that, no matter how you slice it, Apple does have a knack for legitimising an idea by putting out a product of its own.

Still! There's a whole lot to be said for the rest of the smartwatches out there, specifically the offerings from Pebble which A.) are the best overall and B.) work on iOS as well! And no matter how good the Apple Watch's app selection is, the Pebble Steel is still going to have five days of battery life.

We can't tell you how the Apple Watch will fare against the new Pebble Time (or Pebble Time Steel), but we can tell you what the state of smartwatch affairs looks like, right this second. The answer? Not bad at all, even without the Apple Watch.

To see them all, follow this link to our round-up of all the best smartwatches for every wrist.